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Brief History and A Look At Different Types Of Lawn Mower

Lawn mower encompasses two or more revolving blade utilizing it for the cutting of grasses to an even or equal height. Usually the mower is designed in a fixed format talking about the blades now, the user may adjust these blades to suit his purpose. This means that the lawn mower can be adjusted to cut grasses to the desired height.

About 180 years ago the lawn mower was designed by a British man named Edwin Beard, the purpose for the lawn mower was for cutting of grasses in a large garden and also for cutting grasses on sports ground. Through innovation there are different types of lawn mower that suit a certain task as all lawn mowers may not have the capacity to carry out the same task.

In this text we will be looking at different types of lawn mower and how they are designed, checking out where its fit to use them, this may serve as guide when choosing your lawn mower. Mowers are mainly divided into four categories listed below;

– Hover Mower
– Reel Mower
– Rotary Mower
– Robotic Mower

We will be looking at this mower with respect to their usage and how its designed, but first we will start from the reel mower because it’s one of the first lawn mowers used.

Reel mowers, it’s one of the first and a user friendly type, they can also be termed as cylindrical mowers, they have their blades designed in a revolving format with a stationery bar whose function is for propping grasses up. The function of the stationery bar relates to the revolving blade in the sense that the bar prop up the grass and the blade cuts the grasses. This type of mower is very efficient in the cutting of shorter height grasses, leaving the environment cleaner and the landscape beautiful.

Next is the Rotary Mowers, this type of mower are used in on grasses or lawn where the Reel Mowers can function properly. The design of these mowers has a deck that act as a vacuum chamber in the raising of the grasses to be cut (unlike the stationary bar in the reel mower) the speed of the blade is equivalent to the speed the engine. It has a less clean surface because of the design of its propeller part.

Robotic Mower are for the tech oriented user, they are used mainly to cover a large area of land, instead of the use of one robotic mower several of it can be used, there is a need to set boundary so that the mower can know or detect when to stop. Well if you are thinking of saving man power this is your call.

Hover Mower on the other hand is just like the rotary mower, the difference between these mowers is the blade. There are main uses are for unequal lawns and corners that not reachable by other mowers.

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