Best Petrol Lawn Mower for Large Gardens


It can be a bit of daunting task when it comes to finding the best petrol lawn mower for large gardens.


There are so many options out there that we get information-overload and either end up picking a lawn mower at random and say “oh just get that one that seems fine, they are all pretty much the same” or we actually never get around to even purchasing one.


Best Petrol Lawn Mower for Large Gardens


Either way, most of the time you would end up back at square one, even worse, you could be out of pocket. Just picking a Petrol Lawn Mower at random is a bit of a gamble and not the best option.


You could get more of a “custom fit” (if you like) if only you had all the info you really need in-front of you, Compiled neatly in one place. With all the “fluff” removed and just the important options that actually matter when it comes to deciding which petrol lawn mower is best for a large garden.


Worry-No-More! – Below we have researched and compiled a top 10 hot list showcasing the best petrol lawn mower for large gardens.


Best Petrol Lawn Mower for Large Gardens


It isn’t really hard to admit that we all love a good toned and equally spread out lawn. Especially if its big in size we would love to have something that can really help us take care of that grass. 


Thanks to science and the mechanics that they came forward and blessed us with the lawn mowers and thanks to rest of them who made sure that we get the option of a petrol in there. 


These lawn mowers use the octane as fuel and make sure that they cut through every single worry you have that is concerning this very lawn of yours and these mowers are what we’re going to give a rundown of in our list of the The 10 Best Petrol Lawn Mowers for Large Gardens.


Top 10 Petrol Lawn Mowers for Large Gardens



10. McCulloch M40-125

We’re going to start our list with this light but very durable in work petrol lawn mower by McCulloch. 

It comes with a 125cc engine so right now we’re talking about almost a bike running under your hands to cut that grass and if you can imagine that much power in an engine you can well imagine the kind of cutting its going to accomplish for you as well. 

The way this thing has been designed? It just shows off strong steel body and durability with long life. 

It also has a 40cm cutting width so you can cover much area with ease and comfort. 



9. Hyundai HYM460SPE

Hyundai already has been known for manufacturing engines that can easily generate some serious power. But that’s not a vehicle we’re talking about here we’re talking about the mower that will have a push button start and a 139cc on-board engine. That’s a 4-stroke engine by the way.

It is designed to however, have as less consumption as possible.

The customizability of this product is vast as well as you get a chance to have multiple kinds of cuts on the same time.

The grass collector that takes up to 70 litres at one time is very easy to remove and to reallocate as well.

460mm cutting width alongside the real wheel drive gives you an overall control of the cutting and also of the mower itself and the design only makes it look tougher than any other. 



8. Mountfield SP414

Next in our Top 10 Petrol Lawn Mowers for Large Gardens we’re talking about a self-propelled option, that is going to make sure that most of your work that you need to perform is done easily.

By the looks of it, this 15” rotary lawnmower might not look too much but it actually packs a punch in the box. The power it generates from that engine is worth having and the chassis that is made of poly propylene enhances the overall design alongside the toughness of the machine.

The blades are said to be very durable and the people who have been leaving reviews for this machine have been very happy with its performance as well.

However, the collector’s removal has been a little bit of an issue but as it contains 40 litres of the canvas you can’t really blame the machine itself. 



7. Hyundai HYM430SP

This self-propelled petrol lawn mower has been making some serious noise in the market since the time of its arrival and when we say the noise we only mean its demand, not that it’s going to make it when its operational.

One of the main and most visible features of this lawn mower from Hyundai is that its powerful in the work but on the same time its light as anything! With a 4 stroke 139cc engine it consumes very less fuel.

On the same time, it has 45 litre grass collector and multiple mulching options as well.

The handles that are a part of the body fold in such a way that you can store this bad boy anywhere you like. It also comes with Hyundai’s trust on the durability as the manufacturer is going to give you a three-year warranty. 



6. Hyundai HYM510SPE

Hyundai is seriously making a difference to this list isn’t it? Well we can’t really blame the manufacturer their lawn mowers are simply highly accepted.

This 3.6KW lawn mower is going to have a 4 stroke engine with 173cc capacity. Once again although it has a bigger engine but keeping the consumption as low as possible has been kept in mind as well.

The push start button makes sure you don’t have to work on those biceps before you start it.

The 51cm cutting width is perfect as well. The mower is going to give you a choice between six cutting heights and has a rear discharge as well.

The mower comes with a 70 litre grass collector so you can actually finish up with entire or if big lawn then half of it. 3-year platinum warranty is also in the box. 



5. Yard Force 46cm

There’s going to be a force that is going to awaken in your yard and that’s going to be Yard Force’s 46 cm self-propelled rotary petrol lawnmower although the mower is quipped by 140cc Briggs & Stratton 500E series engine it actually has been said to be quite durable, thanks to all of the material that is used.

The high performing and easy to use mower has a high quality steel deck as well and the grips on the handles are so soft that you could easily cut grass all day long.

It has a very large in fact an extra-large 55 litre hybrid grass collection bag and comes with a feature because of which you can select from 7 cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 75 mm. 



4. Einhell GC-PM 46/3 S

We just simply love the design and the overall look of this lawn mower. Yes!

The on-board engine might not be enough or too much to handle as we’ve mentioned higher capacity lawn mowers earlier but what puts it above most of the other lawn mowers is the amount of satisfaction the users are having because of it.

They just love the way company has given them the quick start petrol system also there aren’t much of the complications or high end stuff going on so it’s ideal for all of the people who have just started using the petrol lawn mowers.

The stainless steel chamber in the bottom makes sure that you collect all of the grass altogether and then don’t have to do much work. It also has a filling level indicator. 



3. Hyundai HYM43P

Coming with a 3 year warranty this petrol push rotary lawn mower looks like it came somewhere from the future.

Because of it being sold so quickly most of the times they’re out of stock.

The mower has a 139cc OHV engine that can get started very easily can consume as less petrol as possible and also is easy to use.

It is ideal for all sizes of lawns and has six cutting heights. These heights can be selected by a reachable lever too.

The 55 litre grass collector bag is made up by a very good quality polymer and can be detached very quickly and easily.

The handles are made in a way that you can fold them according to your need and then since it already has a very compact body you can store it anywhere without getting worried about the space required. 



2. Arebos 2.2 KW/2.9 HP

So now maybe it’s the best time we gave you something that isn’t much of a flashy brand thing but can do the job just fine for you.

It has a superb motor power that runs on a very impressive 2900 rpm and then it also has a total of 5 cutting length options.

The engine is a 123cc 4 stroke engine so everything here in this lawn mower is going exactly the way every other lawn mower is going but what makes it a good choice is the price tag, the robust powerful design and a very impressive and easy to use operation.

Cutting width is also 16.94 inches so you can cover much of the area just the way you like it. 



1. Einhell GC-PM 46 S

And finally comes Einhell’s GC-PM 46 that is a self-propelled petrol lawnmower!

Yes! It has 46 cm of the cutting width and here’s why it’s Number 1 in our list of the 10 Best Petrol Lawn Mowers for Large Gardens.

The lawnmower is the latest design it has good weight and also comes with a material that is simply going to last for years.

It has a total of nine adjustable cutting heights so you can choose any from 30mm to 80mm and the on-board 50 litre glass collection bag will obviously collect the grass but that’s not it. It will tell you that its filling up.

The ergonomic folding handles are its forte and boy oh boy! Can this lawn mower just cover the whole lawn of yours!

The red they have used for this lawn mower has something very special going on with itself as well.


The Einhell GC-PM 46 S – In Our Opinion, Is The Best Petrol Lawn Mower for Large Gardens.


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